Two entertaining and engaging hours with Marcel Massini

'The myth of Ferrari is build on the rich history of the brand through the past 70 years

and a vital part of the company DNA today. The 'Prancing Horse History' lecture is a

thrilling tour of the important moments in racing and the development of some of

the most iconic Ferrari models build. Marcel Massini is a great storyteller and to hear

about his unbelievable Ferrari barn-finds captured the audience including myself' 

(Steffan Frisk, Formula Automobile, Denmark)

I had the pleasure of chairing Marcel Massini's lecture 'Prancing Horse History' in Copenhagen.

'Mr. Massinis is an inexhaustible source of documentation, information and stories of all kinds about Enzo Ferrari and his company from the very beginning till modern times. Over two hours, Mr. Massisni was captivating and entertaining from start to finish, and never lost the

full attention of the audience'

(Mikkel Thomsager, Editor-in-cheif Bilmagasinet)

Fascinating stories from start till the end.

'Prancing Horse History’ was a very interesting, exciting and fun event that really

expanded my knowledge on the heritage of Ferrari. So many amazing photos and great

videos from the past. Marcel Massini is an eminent storyteller and has so many incredible

and jaw-dropping stories to tell. A must-see event for any Ferrari (automobile) fan'  

(Morten Mark Juel, founder Copenhagen Classic Car Group (FB))